Consumerism: An insightful poem of always craving something new


Casey Silkwood

Your searching eyes
Wide open
Seek familiar patterns in the new
Find flaws in the old.
Yearn for improvement upon yesterday.
Close tight and re-open
Aching and weeping with nostalgia.
The great push and pull of life
Crushes us like a vice.
We want all we can’t touch
And scoff at what’s found within reach.
The reinvention and reworking of the self
Is the only reliable refuge
In a world entrenched in a constant state of war.
Loving yourself in all that you are
and all that you do
Is a revolutionary act.
You are the artist
The audience
The light that finds you
The dark that hides you
And the masterpiece
All at once.

Published in Uro Paata, April 2021

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