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City of Hearts-Visakhapatnam

An unfamiliar city, strangers all around, a language so foreign that everything is a chore.....one is bound to feel lonely on a Sunday.... Even as the endless sea starts reflecting the cerulean October sky, this city remains as new as ever. Yet, her age old temples, weather beaten streets, smiling people welcome even the loneliest of strangers feel like home.

Tea with Nature

Monsoon in Munnar

Have you ever experienced Munnar in the Monsoon season? Known as the "God's Own Country", the Indian state of Kerala stands true to its name. Located at a distance of only 124 kms from the commercial hub Kochi, Munnar has a plethora of gifts to offer in the rainy season.

5 Tips to write a page turner

Stories have a way of making characters come alive. Have you ever wished to write something which will make every reader cry for more? Have you ever loved what you read and wanted to create something equally beautiful? Well, we are here to help you..check out these great tips to master the art of story telling

“We cross infinity with every step, we meet eternity in every second”

Rabindranath Tagore

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Uro Paata means “Flying Leaves” in Bengali…Its a light read magazine which was first published on 6th January 2021 and we were instantly loved by our readers. In the next two years, we have become popular with our special editions containing beautiful travelogues and rich fictional content.

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