Visakhapatnam- Home to a lonely heart

A sky so Blue with a cerulean hue,
I look out my window as time passes through.
An aircraft just flew by,
Cotton trail on October sky.
Is it going to my home?
To the people I knew?
I wondered on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Green parrots on swaying branches,
Some rooster called a few,
Everything felt so foreign,
The language felt so new.
Trees dotted the lanes,
Temples all around,
Bells ringing all day,
I hear their tinkling sound.

The day went on and on,
with me wishing I was home,
watching movies with a certain someone,
My Sundays like icecream cone.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me,
Why have I been feeling lonely?
Six months passed since I am here,
this city and I,
so many memories to share.
Her moonlit sky, lights and sound,
the quiet and peace that I have found.
In her arms, I feel free,
Bright and sunny like her sea.

Boiled peanuts on the cart,
Colorful fables as wall art,
On a late Sunday night I realise,
this city has crawled in my heart.
Streets that I barely know,
streets that I don’t,
Mountains that soothe me,
help my worries go.

I love her air, I love her sea,
The city who has welcomed me.
On dark long nights she calls my name,
I know I will never be the same.

I feel I have been given a chance,
to start a great self-romance,
my heart beats to her song,
this is where I now belong.
I see the bubbles on her waves foam,
this seashore is my new HOME.

#by Priyadarshini Sengupta for Uropaata Exclusive Edition

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